Emsella Chair VIMYAGE for sale

Emsella chair is the new technology from BTL company. Emchair uses high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) technology for the SUI (Stress Urinary Incontinence) treatment. We VIVALaser offer a similar technology for a buttock lift and pelvic treatment.

The whole treatment cost around 28 to 30 minutes which could receive a perfect result for buttock lift and Pelvic Floor Muscle Training. The Emchair is developed for those who is suffering from incontinence. The whole Pelvic Floor Muscle treatment is completely non-invasive and non-surgical.

In order to strengthen the muscles, Emsella chair(or similar technology) significantly reduces the symptoms related to incontinence. Moreover, a more powerful pelvic floor reduces nocturia (waking up in the night to void) . It can also improve sexual satisfaction.

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  • A new treatment for incontinence and confidence.

  • Non-invasive, safe and no downtime treatment

  • 95% of treated patients reported significant improvement in their quality of life

  • Single session induces thousands of supramaximal pelvic floor muscle contractions

  • 28 minutes treatment wquals 11,200 Kegel exercises

  • Fullly clothed treatment

  • Emsella Chair with lift function

  • 2022 most advanced HIFEM technology for non-Invasive Pelvic Floor Muscle treatment

  • 2 yearswarranty for the machine lifetime after-sales service


Emsella chair VIMYAGE

How much does an emsella chair cost?

USD 4,500 to USD $6,500

The cost for the EMchair depends on order quantity and if there is any additional design.

USD $ 5,500 if order quantity is 1 unit

USD $ 5,000 if order quantity is 3 to 5 units

USD $ 4,500 if order quantity is 10 units or more

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What is Emsella chair?

The Emsella Chair is a device for non-invasive Pelvic Floor Muscle Training. The pelvic Chair adopts high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) technology for the treatment of SUI, except as other pelvic floor related disorders.

HIFEM technology induces deep pelvic floor muscle contractions designed to deliver the equivalent of 11,200 Kegel exercises over 28 minutes.

Urinary incontinence is one of the biggest health concerns for women. Based on the ISAPS, The number of women’s private health concerns has increased by 27% a year.

According to the NAFC, Urinary incontinence affects 19 million women and 200 million people worldwide More than half of patients do not seek medical help. The average time from mild symptoms to severe state is 6.5 years

How do Emsella Chair works?

The core technology is focused on electromagnetic energy. The Emsella Chair uses noninvasive HIFEM, which stands for High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic energy, to produce supramaximal contractions of the pelvic floor muscles. — the equivalent of 11,000 Kegels in 28 minutes! This results in strengthening and increased tone of the pelvic floor muscles and decreases episodes of incontinence.

By strengthening the pelvic floor, sufferers of Stress and Urge Incontinence see great improvements. These sufferers lose or have weakened control over the urinary sphincter, and Emchair restores the strength to those muscles and tissues.

1 session Emsella chair session leads to thousands of supramaximal pelvic floor muscle contractions, which are extremely vital in muscle re-education of incontinent patients. It shows that 95% of treated patients reported significant improvement in their quality of life

Does Emsella Chair really work?

Emsella is a non-invasive treatment for treating urinary incontinence and vaginal laxity. The study proves Emsella to improve stress urinary incontinence (SUI) by 95%.

Our Pelvic chair uses the same technology as the Emsella chair. 28 minutes treatment could bring a immediate improvement for the pelvic muscle floor.


Pelvic chair vs common exercise

What is the price for the pelvic chair treatment?

We suggest 6 sessions for a completely treatment. The treatment is 28 minutes per session , with sessions separated by at least 2 days, depending on your requirements. Completing a full treatment series is necessary to maximize treatment efficacy. You may need additional treatments depending on the severity of your condition.

SessionCost (USD)
1 session$800
3 strenthen sessions$2,300
6 strenthen sessions$4,500

Deep penetration

The emsella chair can penetrate 8cm deep under the skin. This depth treatment can cover the entire pelvic floor area and enhance basin nerve function.

Pelvic chair depth

Fully clothed pelvic floor muscle treatment

The best part about the Emsella chair is that this all happens fully clothed. There is no need to change into gym clothes, don’t have to worry about breaking a sweat, and don’t have to worry about getting undressed for any embarrassing or uncomfortable visit with the doctor.

The electromagnetic field passes harmlessly through your clothes to stimulate the pelvic floor, all while you sit and relax. This is the ultimate in noninvasive procedures.


Aim to the treatment of urinary incontinence

The treatment is solving the leakage of urine, urinary incontinence and improve quality of life.

By strengthening the pelvic floor, sufferers of Stress and Urge Incontinence see great improvements. These sufferers lose or have weakened control over the urinary sphincter, and Emsella restores the strength to those muscles and tissues.

fully clothed treatment

26 Working modes

The VIMYAGE Emsella chair is controlled by an APP, it has 26 working modes to fit all pelvic treatments for men and women.

ModeIndicationsProject name
AUrinary incontinenceStress urinary incontinence
BEnuresisReproductive anti-aging-decreased
ovarian reserve
CUrinary incontinenceMixed urinary incontinence
DProlapse of pelvic organsIntimate Tightening-Moderate
vaginal relaxation
FProstatitisDelayed or no ejaculation
GUrinary incontinenceMixed urinary incontinence
HUrinary incontinenceMixed urinary incontinence
IPelvic floor painImprove pelvic floor muscle function
JPelvic floor painProstatitis
KProstatitisPremature ejaculation
LProstatitisPersistent penile erection
MProstatitisErectile dysfunction
NProlapse of pelvic
floor organs
Intimate firming-mild
to moderate organ prolapse
OProlapse of pelvic floor organsIntimate Tightening-Light to
moderate vaginal relaxation
PEnuresisReproductive Anti-aging-
Chronic pelvic inflammation
QEnuresisReproductive anti-aging-female
sex hormone decline
REnuresisReproductive anti-aging-thickening
of the endometrium
SProstatitisSexual function-painful female intercourse
TProstatitisSexual function-vaginismus
UPelvic floor painHypertonic pain
VPelvic floor painPrimary pain
XOveractive bladderUrgent urinary incontinence
WOveractive bladderNeurogenic bladder
YDefecation dysfunctionFunctional constipation
ZDefecation dysfunctionFecal incontinence

Benefits (advantages) of Emsella pelvic chair:

  1. Controlled by APP, WIFI support.
  2. A no downtime and non-invasive treatment
  3. Remaining fully clothed when you are doing this pelvic treatment
  4. Recover bladder and pelvic muscle control with no time-consuming exercises.
  5. 28 to 30 minutes relax and comfortable treatment
  6. The chair will give results after just one treatment. Results will typically continue improving over the following few weeks.
  7. Twice treatment a week and 6 sessions for most of the patients.
  8. An obvious pad reduction was reported by the patients
  9. Leather chair, soft and comfortable.


Emsella chair is a non-invasive, no-downtime procedure that improves:

  • All types of urinary incontinence by up to 65%.
  • Improved nocturia (getting up at night to urinate).
  • Bladder function and pelvic muscle control without ineffective and often time-consuming exercises.
  • Patients reported a significant pad use reduction. This provided not only physical and psychological relief, but also financial relief.
  • Increased blood flow and sensitivity leading to improved sexual function, sexual desire and sexual pleasure.
  • Strengthening of the pelvic floor muscles leading to decrease in leaking and overall increase in sexual function.

What can the pelvic chair treat?

The VIMYAGE pelvic chair is a treatment that can help with a wide range of health conditions in men and women. No matter incontinence or sexual dysfunction, the pelvic chair can help you break free of the pain and discomfort caused by a weak pelvic floor, so you can move forward with more confidence.

For Women

Because of body aging, childbirth, and menopause, lead to incontinence as the muscles that support the pelvic floor lose strength.

Pelvic treatment before and after

For Men

Because of infections, prostate cancer or stress have had a negative impact on incontinence and/or intimate health.

Pelvic treatment before and after for men

Emsella Chair can treat a series trouble for men and women as below:


Also named as SUI, Stress urinary incontinence is the involuntary loss of urine as a result of increased intra-abdominal pressure caused by the effort or exertion (such as sneezing/coughing). SUI is associated with weakness in the pelvic floor muscles, impeding their ability to fully close the urethra under periods of increased pressure.

The Pelvic Chair boosts the performance and activity of the pelvic floor muscles, alongside your individualised training program to help you achieve results faster.


Urge urinary incontinence is an involuntary leakage of urine accompanied by a sense of urinary urgency. As with any form of incontinence, urge urinary incontinence is usually related to weak pelvic floor muscles which make it difficult for the muscles to hold on as long.

The Pelvic Chair targets the pelvic floor muscles. By providing contractions that are stronger than what you can achieve with pelvic floor training alone, you can see results much faster.


Radical prostatectomy is the ideal standard treatment for prostate cancer. However, this operation can result in urinary incontinence in men.

The Em-Chair has been shown to not only increase strength in the pelvic floor muscles but also improve the mind-body connection, enhancing outcomes and accuracy with a home training program.


While erectile dysfunction is a common condition, it can be a source of embarrassment and frustration for men. Luckily, Emsella offers a non-invasive solution to improve sexual function, response and performance. Male pelvic floor dysfunction has been associated with erectile, ejaculation and orgasm dysfunction. Emchair can quickly boost pelvic floor muscle activity in ways which cannot be achieved through isolated pelvic floor muscle contractions alone.


After giving birth, many women experience weakening or stretching of the pelvic floor muscles. This can lead to a wide range of pelvic-related health conditions, including poor bladder control, organ prolapse, or pain and discomfort in this area. Emsella can help postnatal women to regain strength in their pelvic floor muscles, enabling them to achieve better health outcomes and avoid further problems and complications down the line.

Overactive Bladder

This very common bladder problem causes both urgency and frequency of urination that result in too many trips to the bathroom. Sometimes women feel such a strong urge to urinate that they cannot make it to the bathroom in time and end up wetting themselves.

Procedure for Pelvic chair (VIMYAGE):

  1. Confirm with a doctor if you are the right person for the pelvic chair treatment
  2. Sit in the middle of the chair at your comfortable position
  3. The height of the VIMYAGE chair is adjustable, adjust the height according to the doctor to achieve the correct treatment.
  4. Put your feet flat on the floor, and shoulder-width apart. (Different patients has different requirements)
  5. Location your knees slightly above the feet at a vertical angle with a little outward rotation.
  6. Your pelvic area should be closest to the middle of the chair, maybe you should make some movement to get the best angel.
  7. Keep your spine straight and relax. Put your hands on your thighs.
  8. The doctor will start the treatment with the VIMYAGE app. At beginning of therapy, the doctors help you gauge positioning. The tapping should be over the perineum (see figure below). Either adjust forward, back, or towards either side to find the target area.
  9. The treatment has no recovery time, you could back to your normal life immidiatelly.

Right position sitting on emsella chair

Tips for achieving the right position:

  • Sit straightly, do not lean back on the chair.
  • Don’t hunch the back
  • Put your feet flat on the floor
  • Keep your legs together, crossed, or too spread out is not allowed
  • Remove jewelry, belts, cards, coins, wallets, and watches before the treatment. Besides, keep phones and other electronic devices away from the chair. Wear comfortable clothing, nothing too tight that will prevent correct positioning.
  • Take it easy and enjoy the treatment.


TechnologyHigh Intensity Pulsed Electromagnetic
Product nameVIMYAGE
Treatment areaPelvic Floor Muscle
Warranty2 years
Cooling systemAir Cooling Hiemt
Chair Size84 x 33 x 37 cm
Host Size33 x 60 x 103 cm
Power100-240V 50/60HZ
ControlBy Patent App


Pelvic Floor Muscle Training

What is Urinary Incontinence?

Urinary Incontinence, we say it as any accidental loss of urine from the bladder. About one-third of person suffering urinary incontinence. Incontinence is troublesome regardless of gender, Females is more likely to experience it than males.

What is the reason of incontience?
  • age
  • childbirth
  • falling hormone levels

Whatever the case, it makes physical activity or even regular movements like sneezing, laughing, or coughing an uncomfortable experience.

How many treatments do I need?

6 treatments. The interval is two per week(Full course 3 weeks).

The results gradually reveal themselves during this time as your pelvic floor becomes stronger with each treatment.

At last, the EMSELLA chair has a 95% satisfaction rate, with patients reporting a significant improvement in their quality of life.

Treatment sessions are approximately 30 minutes long, and the procedure is pain-free. The whole treatment is free and comfortable. You can read, watch movies or listen music during your emchair procdure.

How long do Emsella chair results last?

The treatment result is according to your personal health condition. For most person, the positive results last nearly 1 year after the pelvic chair treatments.

In order to maintain results after completing your initial six sessions. You could consider choose to undergo single maintenance treatments.

What does the procedure feel like?

Treatment sessions are approximately 28 minutes long, and the procedure is not at all painful. You can either bring a friend or family member along to chat to during the treatment or read a book or magazine if you would prefer.

During treatment, some patients feel the tensing and relaxing of the pelvic floor muscles which has been described as a similar feeling to doing Kegel exercises.

When can I see the results?

In general, you will see and feel obvious results after 2 sessions. After 4 to 6 sessions treatment, most person will observe the full results and improvement.

Does the Emchair treatment worth it?

The answer is yes.

It is never late to invest on health and livelihood. The Emsella chair (Or other similar technologies) could be the end of embarrassing and life-altering urinary incontinence issues, all without invasive surgeries or procedures.

Who is the right candidate for the Emchair?

For both men and women, Emsella chair is a great choice for who is seeking to strengthen their pelvic floor muscles.

The BTL EMSELLA chair (or similar product)is a revolutionary non-invasive and comfortable treatment.

If you have any of the following conditions related to pelvic floor problems,

  1. Stress incontinence caused by menopause or childbirth.
  2. Embarrassing urine leakage when laughing, coughing, sneezing, or exercising.
  3. Unable to control bladder when feeling a sudden, intense urge to pee.
  4. Intimate health conditions such as vaginal laxity and difficulty reaching orgasm.
  5. Any issue according to pelvic floor muscle problems.
Who cannot do this treatment?
  1. People who have metal implants in the body
  2. Pregnancy
  3. Tumor
  4. Heart disorders

Is there any downtime?

No, the pelvic floor muscle treatment has no downtime. You can back to your usual daily activities immediately after your treatment.