HIEMT EMS beautiful muscle machine

HIEMT machine is the same technology as “Emsculpt”. It is mainly used for muscle building and body shaping.

Clinical studies report has show an obvious results for the treatments. Average fat reduction of 19% associated with an increase in muscle mass of 16% for each treatment.

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  • 30 minutes per treatment=20,000 workouts

  • No down time, non-invasive, 16% muscle increase, 19% fat reduction

  • Patent dual handles which could work at same time

  • ABS Injection plastic material shell

  • 7 Tesla high intensity enrgy output

  • Intelligent working mode according to the gender, age and area.

  • Long lifetime EMS handles, no limit for the treatment hours.

  • 2020 most advanced emsculpt technology for muscle building and body shaping

  • 2 years warranty for the whole unit


HIEMT machine

What is HIEMT?

HIEMT, high energy focused electromagnetic wave, is designed for muscle building and body shaping. Electro- magnetic field passes non-invasively through the body and interacts with motor neurons which subsequently trigger supramaximal muscle contractions.

The technology is used for strengthening and re-education of muscles via interaction of the magnetic field with the tissue of the patient.

Contrary to voluntary muscle contractions, the supramaximal contractions are independent of brain function. The HI-EMT uses a specific range of frequencies that do not allow muscle relaxation between two consecutive stimulations.


burn fat and enhance muscle

How does HIEMT machine works?

HIEMT machine is the most advanced and only technology for muscle building and fat burning. Unlike traditional body shaping machine, it focus on muscle. The process is more natural like daily excise in the fitness room.

The Effects On Muscle

HIEMT machine changes our body muscle. The internal structure of the muscle can achieve deep remodeling.

The excellent machine with HI-EMT technology induces approximately 20,000 forced muscle contractions per session. These forced contractions, considered supramaximal contractions are normally not achievable by voluntary muscle action.

The Effects On Fat

The 100% extreme muscle contraction of HI-EMT technology can cause a large amount of slight decomposition. Fatty acids are decomposed and broken down by triglycerides, which are accumulated in large numbers in accidental cells.

The body’s normal metabolism is excreted. Therefore, magnetic thinning can strengthen and increase muscles, and at the same time achieve the effect of reducing fat.

Well designed interface

There are 2 working modes for the HIEMT beautiful muscle machine: Auto mode and Manual mode.

Auto mode

In the auto mode, the Parameter for reference is according to gender, age, and body area.

Manual mode

Doctors could select the parameters according to patients ’ feelings.

hiemt machine program

7 working auto-mode waves adjustable

The machine offers 7 different waves working modes for different treatments.

  • Galvanic Wave
  • Square Wave
  • Spike Wave
  • Twin Spike Wave
  • Step Wave
  • Trapezoid Wave
  • Triangle Wave

7 auto mode wave

Patent dual HIEMT handles

There is 2 handpiece for the HIEMT machine which could work at the same time. The length of the handle is 21cm(the circle diameter is 16cm), width is 17cm.


HIEMT machine 7 T EMS handle

Treat more areas

The HIEMT machine can be used for the abdomen, buttocks, back, legs, and arms.

The program is designed for:

  1. ABS Toning
  2. Button lift/upright
  3. Arms and legs firming


treatment area

HI-EMT machine Applications:

100% muscle building

Non-invasive and non-surgical body shaping

Fat removal & Skin tightening

applications for emsculpt


Model NumberHI-EMT
Display10′ Color Touch Screen
Power SupplyAC110/240V, 50/60HZ
EM power7T
Magnetic FrequencySymmetric Biphasic Pulse, 1-50Hz
Input Power2700W