DEEPBA RF slimming machine for sale

Deepba RF slimming machine is the technology with 448KHZ and 20KHZ for body slimming and wrinkle removal. It is non-invasive and non-surgical treatment.

DEEPBA is a real 448KHz (20K) modulated wave! It has two modes RET and CAT.

It is widely used for:

  • Adjust the balance of metabolism
  • Make you sweat slowly
  • Activate your body functions



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  • DEEPBA RF slimming machine RET + CAT.

  • CAT(capasitive energy transfer) + RET(Resistive energy transfer) 2 technologies

  • Dual Wave Type: 448KHZ + 20 KHZ

  • PHYSICAL therapy + Rehabilitation + pain management

  • Non-surgical, non-invasive and no down time

  • Apply for face, neck and body treatments

  • Tripolar RF, deeper weight loss and body slimming

  • Specific base optional, more professional design for clincs and spas.

  • 2 years warranty for the machine and main spare parts


DEEPBA RF slimming machine

What is Deepba RF System?

It is called diathermy(deep heating) which is the system to providee the treatment by generating heat in the human body.


What is CET nad RET?

Capacitive electric transfer (CET) is a method that allows the RF electrical current to be transferred “by capacity” (principle of the electrical capacitor) to the patient’s body via a moveable external application electrode. This is covered with an insulating film which acts as a dielectric and the body acts as a second plate of the capacitor. A return plate closes the circuit. The electric circulation through the resistive medium formed by the live tissues increases its temperature.

The resistive electrical transfer (RET), introduced in 1994, is different from the CET in that basically the application electrode is not insulated, allowing the current to be transferred directly to the patient with less dispersion, thus obtaining an increase in temperature at a greater depth.

Dual wave type

448khz and 20khz: modulation wave, also called carrier wave.

It penetrate 448khz energy into the body, and realize the effect of heating from the inside to the outside of the body. The heating and energy is fast and srong.

Tripolar RF

The RF we use is tripolar RF which could penetrate deeper. The maximum power could achieve at 2,000W.

Temperature monitor

The temperature control system can monitor the real temperature of the body. So we could control the treatment procedure at a safe and effective heat.

What DEEPBA RF slimming machine do?

DEEPBA RF slimming machine is fit for both face and body treatments.

  1. Physical Therapy
  2. Rehabilitation
  3. Pain management


Specifications of 7D HIFU

Power 2500W
Handles RET + CAT + Tripolar RF handles
Frequency448KHZ + 20KHZ
Treatment areaFACE/NECK/BODY
Voltage220/110V; 50/60Hz
Package size 52*57**41.5cm (host), 56.5*51.5*85cm (base)
Weight19KG (host), 39KG(trolley)


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