Liposonix Machine VA-200

Liposonix machine used HIFU technology for body contouring and fat reduction.The liposonix HIFU machine handpiece delivery the heat to kill the subcutaneous fat permanently and reduce fat at the same time.


  • 0.8cm and 1.3cm two probes for treatment

  • Non-surgical and Non-invasive treatment

  • Portable Design Liposonix HIFU machine

  • ABS Injection plastic material shell

  • Cartridge lifetime 500 shots, every shot 576 points

  • Upgrade advanced USA HIFU liposonix

  • Intelligent operation interface, user friendly

  • 10 modes for different area treatment

  • 2 years warranty for the machine and main spare parts

Liposonix machine

High intensity focus ultrasound liposonix technology

Liposonix machine apply the high intensity focus ultrasound technology for body contouring and weight reduction.The liposonix machine handpiece deliver the heat to kill the subcutaneous fat permanently and reduce fat at the same time. Liposonix technology directly stimulate the collagen contraction and thickening and make the skin smoothly as before.

Liposonix machine theory

Portable design liposonix technology

The Liposonix VA-200 use portable design which is easier to transport. At the same time, compared to traditional design, portable design Liposonix HIFU machine could also save much shipping cost for clients.

Portable design Liposonix machine

Liposonix treatment mode adjustable technology

Liposonix machine VA-200 using treatment area adjustable technology, the treatment mode could be adjusted. There are totally 10 modes optional.Clients could choose the treatment modes according to the body area.

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Liposonix machine area

Intelligent operation program, user friendly and easy use

Clients could choose the parameters flexibly based on the treatment area. There are completely 10 modes for operators which made the liposonix treatment preciser.

Liposonix machine interface

There are 2 cartridges for liposonix handpiece

There are 2 cartridges for Liposonix probe, 0.8cm and 1.3cm optional for different area treatment. Each cartridge lifespan is 500 shots, there are 576 points for every shot.

Liposonix machine probe

Well machine structure design

Liposonix HIFU machine VA-200 outside shell material is ABS injection plastic. The portable design is very suitable for medium spa.

Liposonix machine design


1. Skin tightening

2. Body slimming and body shaping

3. Weight Loss


Liposonix machine results

Product name

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound Ultrasonic Liposuction Body Slimming Machine

Working voltageAC100V-240V
Handle dimensions20cm*7cm*7cm
Instrument dimensions36cm*16cm*27cm
Transducer life span600 shots
Energy Fluency

3 Joules-45 Joules (3 Joules/step)


Portable design Liposonix machine