Fractional CO2 laser machine for sale

Fractional CO2 laser machine is used for skin resurfacing, wrinkle removal, acne removal, scar removal, vulva treatment, and vaginal tightening. The RF tube CO2 laser is the most powerful in aesthetic machines.

The laser used a 10600nm wavelength which works on the water in the target tissue. It is a non-invasive procedure that uses a laser, specially made of carbon dioxide, to remove the outer layers of damaged skin.

The high-quality Coherent RF Metal tube as the laser generator efficiently outputs a 10600nm laser and focuses on renewing the skin and regrowing collagen. Finally permanently remove surgery scars, wrinkles, stretch marks, skin diseases, etc.

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  • Coherent RF Metal tube, 50,000 working hours, keep strong energy, always get obvious results

  • Non-surgical and Non-invasive anti-aging treatment

  • For wrinkle/ surgical scar/ stretch mark removal, wart cutting, and vaginal tightening treatment.

  • Highly Advanced Scanners For Maximum Versatility, Speed and Efficacy

  • Laser shape can be square, rectangle, triangle, circle, oval, hexagon, laser size is also adjustable.

  • Best cooling, no need cooling water, easier use.

  • Korea import 7-joint laser arm

  • Fractional, cutting and vaginal tightening 3 working modes

  • RF tube and glass tube 2 laser tubes optional

fractional CO2 laser machine for sale


What is the price for a fractional CO2 laser machine?

The pace ranges according to the design and Tube type of the laser machines. We offer 5 types of CO2 laser for your option.

DesignTube optionsPrice(USD)
Vertical CO2 laserRF tube$4,500-$6,500
Glass tube$3,000-$5000
Portable CO2 laserRF tube$3,500-$5,500
Glass tube$2,500-$4,500
Promotion CO2 laserGlass tube$1,988

Co2 laser resurfacing machine

What is a Fractional CO2 Laser machine?

The fractional CO2 Laser resurfacing treatment is a procedure used to treat acne scars, skin resurfacing, and vaginal tightening. This Co2 treatment is non-invasive and non-surgical.

By using the 10600nm wavelength of the laser, it is very effective in treating even the worse atrophic acne scars and even your uneven skin tone.

The CO2 Fractional resurfacing laser is a carbon dioxide laser that precisely reduces deep outer layers of damaged skin and stimulates the regeneration of healthy skin underneath. The CO2 treats fine to moderately deep wrinkles, photodamage, scarring, skin tone, texture, creepiness, and laxity.

Besides, this laser procedure also helps in reducing your wrinkles, and visible pores and it also promotes new collagen production for the rejuvenation of your skin.



what is fractional co2 laser

How does the CO2 laser machine work?

The CO2 laser machine produces the 10600nm laser to heat up the target area (water) and reaches a boiling point and resurfaces the affected tissue. 10600nm works are absorbed by the water and will not harm the other tissues.

The fractional CO2 laser takes the CO2 laser beam and fractionates, or pixellates that beam into thousands of tiny little shafts of light. These tiny shafts of light penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin. The skin then repairs those tiny shafts by pushing out the old sun-damaged skin and replacing it with new skin.

The “collateral” heat damage also helps to shrink existing collagen.

Working theory

Skin resurfacing

By using pulse technologies and special working modes, The Fractional CO2 ablative laser technologies enable a high rate of improvement for skin damage and skin tone with minimal downtime. It is an ideal solution for anti-aging and wrinkle removal.

Remove Acne Scars

The CO2 laser ablative technologies obviously reduce scars, even very deep ones, as well as repair damaged skin and improve skin tone. If you want to reduce acne scars, co2 laser treatment is a desirable option.

Scar Repairing

The co2 laser allows for advanced treatment of a variety of heavily damaged skin lesions that require synergistic coagulation and ablation for advanced resurfacing.

Fractional ablative resurfacing

Ablative skin resurfacing procedures use lasers to reduce the signs of aging, improve skin texture, laxity, and tone, and reduce scars and stretch marks. Ablative resurfacing is ideal for patients seeking a dramatic improvement in a single session.


Rhinophyma is a disorder causing the development of a large, bulbous nose associated with granulomatous infiltration, commonly due to untreated rosacea. This can be treated with a CO2 laser as a surgical tool.

Vaginal Tightening

The CO2 laser offers the treatment for vaginal rejuvenation and tightening which could help women to improve their sexual life and confidence.
fractional co2 laser machine for vaginal tightening


Syringomas are benign tumors, typically found clustered on eyelids, although they may also be found in other body parts. These can be treated by CO2 laser in a safe, and nonscarring method.

Remove warts and moles

The CO2 laser offers a head that could cut unwanted moles and warts. The cutting laser tip could perfectly solve the problems for those people who want to improve their health and look.

Advantages of fractional CO2 laser machine

Our CO2 laser facial machine is high quality with the following advantages:

  • Amazing versatility and precision for all your resurfacing requirements
  • Cool tube technology for enhanced patient comfort
  • Best clinical results with minimal excess heating
  • Proven efficacy in hundreds of clinical studies and peer reviewed publications

RF Metal tube rather than glass tube

  1. RF Metal tube has much better cooling than glass tube; RF tube use air cooling, while glass tube needs water cooling.
  2. Laser tube: CO2 radio frequency tube laser machine uses imported metal laser tube; while glass tube adopts domestic glass material tube.
  3. RF Metal tube laser transit no energy loss, much stronger, glass tube will lose some energy;
  4. Spot size, RF tube size is much smaller and evenly, while glass tube spot size is bigger and not evenly.
  5. RF Metal tube can reach 50,000 working hours, it can be used repeatedly without replacement; glass tube only reaches 2,000 working hours; usually replaced every six months. The glass tube is not reusable and needs to be replaced.

RF tube vs glass tube

Korean import laser arms with an aiming beam

Our fractional laser machine uses the 7-joint laser arms to output the laser, with a red 755nm aiming beam, the treatment is precise and comfortable.

7 joint laser arms

3 types of laser tips

Fractional laser tip for wrinkle removal, fine lines removal, pigmentation removal, and skin resurfacing.

Ultra tip (cutting) for reducing moles and warts

Vaginal laser tip for vaginal tightening and rejuvenation

co2 laser heads

7 different scan graphics

The fractional laser heads offer 7 types of graphics to meet different areas of treatment

  • Line
  • triangle
  • square
  • rectangle
  • hexagon
  • rotundity
  • ellipse

7 graphic

What does CO2 laser treatment do?

The fractional CO2 laser machine is applied to treat acne scars. Moreover, it can do a wide range of skin problems and vaginal treatments.

  • Age spots
  • Mild and severe atrophic scars
  • Wrinkles removal
  • crow’s feet

  • Enlarged oil glands (especially around the nose)

  • Fine lines and wrinkles

  • Hyperpigmentation treatments

  • Improve Sagging skin

  • Treat Sun Damage and uneven skin tone

  • Warts and moles

  • Vaginal tightening and rejuvenation
  • Skin surgery

The treatment is often done to the face, neck, hands, arms, and vaginal.

before and after

CO2 laser procedure

When doing a CO2 fractional laser treatment, we should well prepare before starting the procedure. After the procedure, we should pay attention to the after-care steps.

Before treatment

Before starting a fractional CO2 laser procedure, we suggest you prepare according to the following rules:

  1. In order not to affect the results, don’t use products that contain retinoids.
  2. Avoid sun exposure at least 2 weeks prior to the laser treatment.
  3. Stop taking medications such as ibuprofen, aspirin, and even vitamin E as this can lead to prolonged clotting.
  4. Don’t do the treatment if there is an open wound.
  5. We advise that for seven days pre-treatment you moisturize your skin in the morning and evening.
  6. Consult your doctor to find out if you’re a good candidate for the fractional CO2 laser treatment.
  7. Stop sexual life 2 weeks ahead if you are going to take a vaginal treatment.

During treatment

Don’t be nervous, this treatment will definitely improve your skin tone.

First, we should apply a local anesthetic cream to the target area 30 to 45 minutes prior. The whole treatment spends around 15 to 25 minutes.

The fractional CO2 laser machine produces a 10600nm wavelength (known as ultra pulse). Through a scanning pattern, in order to remove thin, continuously blasted outer layers of damaged skin.

Once the dead skin cells are removed, the procedure activates the production of multiple microthermal zones that reaches deep into the skin. Through this, it can stimulate your body’s natural healing process and boost collagen production. This ultimately replaces the old, damaged cells with new, healthy skin.

co2 laser procedureAfter treatment

After the fractional CO2 laser procedure, you should apply sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays. Do make sure to also use a gentle cleanser and moisturizer twice a day and avoid any harsh products. It’s best to limit the use of makeup products as well because they can irritate the skin even more.

To ease the swelling around your face, you can try putting an ice pack or compress to the treated area in the first 24 to 48 hours after the fractional CO2 laser treatment. Apply ointment as necessary in order to prevent scabs from forming. Lastly, you may need to adjust your daily activities and avoid situations, such as swimming and workouts, where you can get an infection.

How do avoid or reduce the Side Effects?

Due to the fractional CO2 laser procedure delivering heat (through the laser) into the skin, patients may find some redness or swelling in the treated area. Some may even experience discomfort and scabs.

The side effects you will experience:

  • Redness on the face – Redness is expected after the fractional CO2 laser procedure but it usually heals within three to four days. If redness hasn’t ceased after a month, you might be suffering from prolonged erythema.

  • Hyperpigmentation – Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) is most commonly experienced by patients with darker skin. It usually occurs after an injury or inflammation of the skin.

  • Infections – Getting bacterial infections is rare with only a 0.1% chance in all treated cases. However, it’s still best to properly identify them and their treatments to avoid further complications.

  • Scars– If the operator didn’t do the co2 laser treatment properly, a scar may happen.

But a good CO2 laser machine could minimize the risk of the above side effects.


CO2 fractional laser machine VS Fraxel, which is better?

The two technologies are both applied to treat wrinkles and scars. The main difference is we use each laser to treat different cases.

Fractional CO2 is the best choice for sun damage, wrinkles, and anti-aging while Fraxel is the optimal option for acne scars. Fractional CO2 brings perforations in the skin, it will cause crusting and you may look bad for 7 days. The Fraxel laser heats up columns of skin without “perforating”, it has almost no crusting and you just look redness for a few days.

ApplicationFractional CO2Fraxel
1st choicesun damage/ wrinkles/ textureacne scars
2nd choiceacne scarssun damage/ wrinkles/ texture
Sessions1 to 3 sessions4 or 5 sessions
Downtime5 to 8 daysnone
Treatment price$1,200 to $2,000$900-$1,500
Laser TypeUSA Coherent laser
Laser power40/60W
Laser working modeContinuous
Output modeUltra pulse, Single pulse,Fractional
Fractional working modeInterval continuous working
Pulse width1-100ms
Output Graphicsstraight line,square, rectangular, triangular, hexagonal, round, and oval
Laser arms7 joints arm
Scanning modeSequence mode,Mid split mode,Random mode
Spot size0.1mm
Scan pattern size0.1*0.1mm-20*20mm
Scan areaMaximum 25×25mm
Aiming beam650nm, ≤5mw
Laser tubeRF tube


Spare parts

Vivalaser offer 3 types of laser heads for fractional, surgery, and women’s treatment.

spare parts

Fractional laser scanner

The outstanding thermal effect, short downtime, perfect for wrinkles reduction and skin tightening

  • Skin Resurfacing (Superficial Peeling)
  • Collagen Stimulation
  • For fine lines and wrinkles, acne scars, uneven texture, dyschromia, and more.
  • Anti-aging

Surgery laser head

Precise, clean, and safe treatment with minimal bleeding.

  • Scar Removal: Acne scars, burnt scars, surgery scars, etc
  • Sarcoma removal

Women’s health laser head

  • For vulva beautify
  • Shrink vagina: rapid tightening, constriction, lasting firmness.
  • Beautify vagina: dilute pigment, pink labia.
  • Moist vagina: increase secretion, eliminate dryness.
  • Maintenance vagina: deep rejuvenation, prevent aging.
  • To improve sensitivity.
  • Private health, balance PH, and improve the internal environment.


Is CO2 fractional laser treatment worth it?

The CO2 fractional laser is a effective treatment for whom are suffering from severe sun damage, heavy wrinkles, uneven tone, and texture, as well as acne scars. It also offers the benefits of skin tightening, a smooth and even complexion, and a radiant glow with just one session.

Nowadays, CO2 lasers are the best skin resurfacing treatments on the market and can offer obvious improvement.

What is the best machine for fractional CO2 laser?

Our CO2 laser is an RF tube, which is much better than a glass tube. RF tube has a longer lifetime, more evenly energy output, and fewer complaints. We use Korean laser arms and have 7 working modes. Our CO2 laser machines could treat most of skin problems.

How many sessions for CO2 laser treatments?

Most people need 1 to 3 sessions. The interval is 4 to 6 weeks.

Who should take CO2 laser treatments?

The laser is good for people who like to reduce the appearance of acne scarring, pigmentations, fine lines, and other skin conditions. Doctors also recommend undergoing the procedure if you suffer from non-responsive skin after a bad facelift experience.

Who cannot do CO2 laser treatment?

People with extensive breakouts, open wounds, or any infections on the face are advised to stay away from this skin procedure. People who take oral isotretinoin should also avoid the procedure as it poses a risk to health and safety.

If you have chronic medical conditions (such as diabetes), you should also take extra caution and make it a point to consult a doctor or dermatologist first.

Is there any downtime?

Due to the laser technology used during the treatment, the healthy tissues have the chance to provide the cells and proteins required to quickly heal the skin.

Generally, most people may undergo a short recovery period—no more than 1 week.

Does it hurt?

You main feel the pain during the CO laser treatment, the sensation likes prickling. But, you could apply anesthesia to the treatment area which could reduce the feeling of pain.

Is the result of fractional laser permanent?

Yes, it is. However, the results depend on the problem you are treating. For example, if you want to remove hyperpigmentation, you can instantly see results with only 1 treatment. However, when treating acne scars and fine lines, it may take a while for the results to show up.