Triple Wavelength Diode laser machine

Triple wavelength diode laser is the most advanced hair removal technology. The triple wavelength is 755nm, 808nm and 1064nm. 3 wavelength diode laser hair removal machine gives the best results for all hair and skin types.

The 755nm, 808nm, and 1064nm are working together to produce the light for pain-free hair reduction treatments.


  • Maxmuim 10 shots 1 second, fast tretment

  • Virtually painless and safe hair removal treatment

  • 755nm + 808nm +1064nm triple wavelength diode laser hair removal machine

  • ABS Injection plastic material shell

  • Safe and effective for all hair types and skin types

  • Standard laser power 600W, maxmium laser power can reach at 1600W

  • Imported laser bars, lifetime over 20 millions shots.

  • 12mm*20mm and 12mm*12mm 2 kinds of spot size optional

  • 2 years warranty for the machine and main spare parts, 1 year warranty for handpiece


triple wavelength diode laser hair removal machine

What is a 3 wavelength diode laser?

The triple wavelength diode laser is the new technology based on 808nm laser. The 3 multiple wavelengths, 755nm, 808nm, and 1064nm works together to remove the hair.

808nm is the golden standard for painless hair removal. 755nm is proved to be more effective for fine and tiny hairs. The 1064nm laser could penetrate deeper into the skin, which is safe for black and dark skin.

How does a diode laser hair removal machine works?

The diode laser technology allows you to achieve laser hair removal treatments in the least number of sessions.

Lasers emit a wavelength of light with a specific single color. When targeted to the skin, the energy from the light is transferred to the skin and hair pigment melanin. This heats up and damages the surrounding tissue.

But to remove hair permanently and to minimize damage to the surrounding tissue, the laser needs to be targeted to specific cells. These are the hair follicle stem cells, which sit in the part of the hair known as the hair bulge.

As the skin surface also contains melanin, which we want to avoid damaging, people are carefully shaved before treatment.

laser hair removal principle


755nm + 808nm +1064nm 3 wavelength

The laser machine VA-502 adopts multiple wavelengths and is fit to all skin types and hair types.

Diode Laser 755NM

755nm is easier for melanin to absorb. It is suitable for light color and thin hair. 755nm diode laser is more effective for the area such as eyebrows, upper lip, etc.

Diode Laser 808NM

808nm wavelength is the golden standard for hair removal. 808nm is fit to all skin types and hair types. The 808nm wavelength is widely used for full body hair removal.

Diode Laser 1064NM

1064nm can penetrate deeper into the skin. For dark or black skin, there is much melanin in the epidermis. The 1064nm will almost not being absorbed by the melanin in the epidermis. 1064nm diode laser wavelength is safe for skin types V and VI.


Import high power laser handpiece

600W/800W/1000W and 1200W, the triple diode laser machine has 4 laser power optional. The laser power is decided by the laser bar power and numbers. High laser power ensures high energy output.

The diode laser handpiece uses a 12mm * 20mm big spot size. We use USA imported laser bars which have a long lifetime. The handpiece could shoot at least 20 million shots.



1. Permanent Hair Removal for Skin type I-VI

2. Skin Rejuvenation

3. Effective for whole body Hair Removal


Laser Diode Machine skin type I-6


Specifications for 3 wavelength diode laser

Laser Type
Diode Laser
755nm / 808nm / 1064nm (Optional)
1-120J/cm2 (adjustable)
Application Head
Sapphire crystal
Pulse Duration
1-300ms (adjustable)
Repetition Rate
1-10 Hz
Cooling System
Wind cooling + water cooling+ semiconductor cooling+TEC cooling
Laser Power
500W / 600W / 800W / 1000W / 1200W(Optional)
Output power
Spot Size
12×12mm / 12×25mm