Liposonic Weight Loss Technology

Liposonic Weight Loss treatment used the high intensity focus ultrasound technology for body firming and weight loss.The liposonix HIFU probe generate the heat to destroy the subcutaneous fat permanently and kill the fat at the same time. Liposonic HIFU energy directly stimulate the collagen contraction and thickening, making the skin smoothly as before.


  • 2 treatment cartridges: 0.8cm & 1.3cm
  • Non-surgical and Non-invasive weight loss treatment
  • 500 shots lifespan cartridge, every shot 576 points
  • Water Sprayer design, more comfortable treatment
  • 10 operation modes for different body area



Liposonic is an unique body slimming technologies – and the difference compared to others is all about focus and intensity. Liposonix uses high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) to create a powerful thermal effect that destroys the fat in the abdomen and flanks. Liposonix treatments focus energy at a fixed depths in the fat without damaging surrounding tissue or non-targeted areas. Treatments can be specialized to the target specific trouble spots, or work through big treatment areas in one session.

  • Body Slimming and Weight Loss
  • Fat reduction and Body contouring

Liposonix is the HIFU treatment for body, if you want to know HIFU for facial, please click

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Liposonic Treatment

Liposonic youtube video-liposonix machine

Liposonic Probe


Reaching an obvious result by Liposonix treatment is easy, but the technology that powers Liposonix is very advanced. The Liposonix HIFU system focuses high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) energy at a depth of 1.3 cm, which brings a quick temperature rise, killing targeted adipose tissue just beneath the skin in the belly and flanks.

The Liposonix machine has 2 standard treatment cartridges: 0.8cm and 1.3cm. (1.3cm cartridge penetrates deeper than 0.8cm cartridge). The Liposonix probe lifespan could reach at 500 shots, for every shot, there are totally 576 points for a complete single Liposonix weight loss treatment.


LCD Screen:10.4 inch TFT touch screen
Ultrasonic frequency:7MHZ
Standard cartridge:8.0mm&13.0mm
Maximum power:200W
Cartridge times:525
Cartridge line dots:Max 576 dots
Emitter size:4.6*4.6cm
Electrical requirements:AC 220V, 50Hz or AC 120V, 60Hz
Product size:78*67*124cm
Gross weight:58KG

Liposonic design

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