IPL machine for sale 2021

IPL machine for sale 2021 works on multiple facial and body treatments. VIVALaser is the brand for intense pulsed light machines with high reviews and low cost. The professional IPL photofacial machine has a wide application. Such as hair removal, skin rejuvenation, acne treatment, and pigmentation removal.


  • SHR + E-light double handpiece IPL machine

  • 1-10Hz super hair removal, fast and pain-free

  • SHR/SSR/E-light/OPT 4 modes optional

  • ABS Injection plastic material shell

  • E-light energy 1-50J/cm2 , SHR energy up to 26J/cm2

  • SHR wavelength 650nm-950nm, E-light has 5 filters

  • UK imported lamp, lifespan over 1 million shots

  • Japanese imported 15000uF capacitor

  • 2 years warranty for the machine


IPL machine for sale VA-305


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How much does the VIVALaser IPL machine cost?

The price of the IPL machine varies from different models. VIVALaser offers 4 different handpiece options for clients. IPL handpiece, SHR handpiece, SSR handpiece and E-light Handpiece.

Pricelist for IPL machines

ModelHandpiecePrice(USD)Buy Now
Portable VA-304SHR$1,350-$2,450Buy 1 Handpiece
Portable VA-306SHR$1,550-$2,750
Portable VA-305SHR+SSR$1,950-$3,150Buy 2 Handpiece
Vertical VA-307SHR+E-light$2,750-$4,250
Vertical VA-307+SHR+SSR+E-light$3,150-$4,850Buy 3 Handpiece

What is the best IPL machine?

There are many famous brands of IPL hair removal devices such as Lumenis and Alma Lasers. These brands are all with good quality and high reviews.

However, the cost may be high for medium or small beauty spas.

People turn to select a home-use IPL machine, the question is:

Does a home use IPL machine really work?

Yes, it works, however, the result is limit.

As we all know the most important factor for hair removal is the energy/power and xenon lamp quality. Home use device has much lower power, its results are not as good as a professional IPL device.

We suggest you would better take a treatment in the spa or clinic.


So how to find the best IPL photo facial machine with good quality but at a low cost? These are the main advantage list for the best IPL Machines.

The best IPL machine should be multifunctional

IPL is a wide spectrum from 400nm-1200nm. An intense pulsed light machine works for different treatment by changing filters.

430nm-1200nm: acne treatment; 530/560nm-1200nm: pigmentation removal and skin rejuvenation

590nm-1200nm: spider vein removal; 640/690/750nm-1200nm: permanent hair removal

The best IPL photofacial machine should use OPT technology

OPT hair removal is short for optimal pulsed technology. IPL hair removal machine with OPT is safe, fast and pain-free.

A best IPL Machine should have a long lifetime

We offer 2 years warranty on the IPL laser machine. The main consumables for IPL machines are the Xenon Lamps. We use the UK imported lamp and the lifetime is 1 million shots.

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Does IPL (Intense pulsed light) hair removal really work?

IPL is the clinic proved efficiency. Intense pulsed light use different spectrum(400nm-1200nm). The different wavelength is used for kinds of facial and body treatments.

IPL SHR VA-305 is the new generation of IPL. VA-305 is equipped with 2 treatment handpiece, SHR handpiece, and E-light handpiece.

The SHR(super hair removal) is used for speedy hair removal treatment.

E-light is IPL plus RF which is used for skin rejuvenation, pigmentation removal, and acne treatment. Besides, IPL and SSR handpieces are optional if clients have requirements.

How does IPL Hair removal work?

The filters for IPL hair removal is 640nm/690nm/750nm-1200nm. IPL machine VA-305 penetrates through the epidermis into the dermis. The light is high-selectively absorbed by the melanin in hair and hair follicles. The surrounding area will not absorb the IPL light.

The target area producing a photothermal effect, conducting the energy from the hair section to the hair root. Then rising the temperature of melanin rapidly and decomposing it, thus reaching the effect of hair removal.

How does IPL skin rejuvenation work?

We use the 530nm/560nm filter for Skin Resurfacing. IPL activates fibroblasts to produce new collagen and elastin fibers. Consequently smoothes skin and returns elasticity to the skin. At the same time, the photothermal effect IPL enhances blood vessels’ function and microcirculation, thus reaching the effect of skin rejuvenation.

How does IPL work on acne treatment?

This treatment we use the 430nm-1200nm filter. The special spectrum of VA-305 IPL penetrates the skin and absorbed by porphyrin. Then stimulates porphyrin to release monomorphism oxyanion which kills Propionibacterium acne effectively.

IPL SHR Machine

In-motion SHR technology

The IPL SHR machine VA-305 use in-motion technology. The lamp flash could reach 10Hz. The IPL handle can move on the target area fast and smoothly. High speed treatment can save hair removal time. The SHR mode is 2 to 3 times faster than the IPL mode.

In-motion shr machine

E-light(IPL + RF) technology

E-light is IPL plus RF. IPL is the intense pulsed light. RF is the radiofrequency. IPL with RF can penetrate deeper than non-RF IPL technology. RF can also pretreat the target area before the IPL works on it.


E-light/IPL handle with 5 standard filters

The filters are designed for different treatments. The VIVALaser IPL module enables you to treat multiple of conditions with a single, universal handpiece.

Our IPL handpiece is designed with 9 special Filters(5 standards, 4 optional) tailored to the condition being treated and computer-enabled filter recognition for enhanced safety and ease-of-use.

The IPL handpiece saves not only treatment time and storage space but is also extremely cost-efficient because there is no need to purchase multiple IPL handpieces.



Well designed handpiece

All the handpiece for VA-307 are well designed. The Xenon Lamp is imported from the UK. UK Xenon Lamp has a longer lifetime than other brands. Our machine VA-307 xenon lamp lifetime is over 1 million shots.

SHR handpiece spot size is 18mm*50mm. Big spot size handpiece can do hair removal treatments faster. For the SSR or E-light handpiece, we use 18mm*30mm. This size is more fit for facial treatments.


well made handpiece


1. Permanent Hair Removal

2. Skin Rejuvenation and Pigmentation Removal

3. Acne Treatment and Wrinkle Removal


What is the IPL machine?

IPL, the intense pulsed light, is widely used by cosmetic and medical practitioners. IPL machine is effective for many kinds of aesthetic treatments. Such as hair removal, sun spot removal, and skin rejuvenation.

Unlike lasers (single wavelength) which typically matches only one treatment, IPL uses a broad spectrum. The IPL technology delivers an intense and wide-spectrum pulse of light to work on the target area. In general, the spectrum is visible and ranging from 400 to 1200 nm. IPL can do multiple treatments by changing different filters.

Does IPL treatment really good for pigmentations?

It depends. IPL is effective and safe for epidermis pigmentations (Sunspot and age spots.) But please notice there is a risk for dermis pigmentation removal by IPL. Burning or hypopigmentation may happen. We don’t advise IPL for large and deep pigmentations.

Is IPL hair removal treatment permanently?

Yes, IPL treatment for hair removal is permanent. The hair will not grow again. But IPL permanent hair removal is not a single treatment. Because of the hair growth cycle, IPL needs 6-8 treatments. The interval between every treatment is 4 weeks.

How long will the skin been healed after the IPL procedure?

There is no downtime for IPL treatment. You could go back to work immediately. Normally IPL is very gently. In a very few chances, there is bruising, which needs 7 to 14 days for healing. For freckles and age spots, it will look darker in 1 week. But don’t worry, it means the treatment works.

Are IPL applications hurt?

It depends on what IPL technology you use. VIVALaser IPL is SHR OPT technology, the treatment is pain-free and even safe for dark skin.



IPL SHR elight machine before & after

IPL Laser machine Specifications

1) Wavelength (Spectrum)430/480/530/560/640-1200nm (E-light)

650-950nm (SHR)

2) Energy Density (Fluence)1-50J/cm2(E-light) 1-26J/cm2(SHR/SSR)
3) RF EnergyUp to 50W
4) Spot Size18x30mm² (E-light)

18x50mm² (SHR)

5) Pulse Repetition Rate1-10Hz
6) Pulse Duration0.5-15ms
7) Pulse Delay1-50ms
8) Pulses1-10 pulses
9) IPL Peak Power2500W
10) RF PowerMax. 100W
11) CoolingContinuous Crystal contact cooling (-4℃~4℃ ) + Air cooling + Closed water circulation cooling
12) Stand-by WorkingContinuously for 12 hours


How will the IPL machine boost your Spa/ salon business?

Why you need an IPL device? As we all know, the traditional method could not meet clients’ demands Nowadays. For example, waxing is painful and not permanent. Electrolysis for hair removal takes a long time.

More and more people prefer non-surgical and non-invasive procedures for skin and hair problems. Investing in this treatment technology is important to compete in the market. IPL is an optimal solution to invest in flowing reasons.

  1. IPL could provide multiple treatments

If the machine you invest could only deliver a single service, the cost for a full treatment solution will be very high. For example, a laser hair removal machine is very effective but only works on removing hair.

IPL is a multifunctional which works on treating kinds of skin and hair concerns. IPL could provide at least 10 services. Including hair removal, skin rejuvenation, acne treatment, and spider vein removal. In a condition, a single IPL device will meet the basic demands for salon/spa treatment. High-quality IPL machines will surely be very helpful for your business.

  1. Save space or rooms for your spa

A multifunctional IPL system takes up minimal space. If your spa is not big, or you have limit rooms for treatment, space will be very important. IPL could practice a series of treatments, hair removal, anti-aging, acne, and speckle removal. Intense pulsed light is especially ideal for small or medium salons.

  1. High profit or return on your investment

The traditional cosmetic method is not competitive anymore. IPL is a nice solution to own your technology outstanding immediately. The reason is one unit IPL device could b appoint a large number of services. VIVALaser IPL alone can offer service for the customers who looks for permanent hair removal. As well as skin problems and anti-aging.

Invest several thousands of dollars for IPL machine, you could offer multiple services for clients. In our experience, 4-8 clients will help you to get the cost back. Future treatments will be your benefits.

  1. Attractive new customers and retain regular clients.

Imagine, if a competitor offers IPL service but you don’t have, the clients may go for this advanced treatment in other spas or salons. You will lose customers.

Owning the IPL service helps you to attract more new customers than others. For your regular clients, IPL expands the range on the basic treatments they already had.

What do you need to pay attention to when ordering an IPL machine?

If you decide to buy the IPL, you need to understand getting a professional and clinic report results is very significant.

Price is also important but is not the only factor. A poor-quality machine will do nothing to help with your business. Invest in a high-quality IPL system and boost your professional and profit gain.

So how to choose a high-quality IPL technology to realize financial growth? Below is a buying guide for when making a decision for buying an IPL machine.

The features for a quality IPL system

  1. True color touch screen interface for easy and friendly operation
  2. E-light (IPL + RF) technology with Sapphire contact cooling
  3. Adopt SHR OPT technology which could apply to super hair removal. (frequency 1-10Hz.)
  4. A high-quality Xenon lamp could use a longer time. (our IPL lamp lifetime is over 1 million shots.
  5. Multiple IPL filters are optional. Our standard IPL filters is 5 pcs including:430nm/530nm/590nm/640nm/690nm-1200nm. Other wavelength filters can be customized due to customers requirements.

Basic performance for a good IPL device

  1. Effective, safe and pain-free clinical results
  2. No downtime and almost no side effects
  3. Competitive price and maximize your return on investment
  4. Long working hours and life.
  5. Lowest cost for maintenance

How to find a good IPL supplier?

The quality is the main quality of an IPL machine. A good supplier for IPL is the same important. For the long term success of your IPL service, which supplier you are choosing has a big impact. Finding the right IPL company is significant as a bad quality IPL device may bring an undesirable influence on your reputation.

There are many IPL suppliers, but what is the main factor when selecting the IPL provider? A reliable IPL company should always offer good quality, after-sales service, and long term warranty. Below we list the main points you need to pay attention to when purchasing.

  1. The quality always comes first. High quality ensures high efficiency and safety.
  2. Long warranty from the supplier. VIVALaser offers the 2 years warranty for the IPL system.
  3. Professional Pre-sales guiding, post-sales service, and proven industry experience.
  4. Complete solutions for how to operating the machine and how to do the marketing.
  5. Short delivery time to minimize your waiting time.

What can you get if ordering the IPL from VIVALaser?

  1. A high-quality IPL unit with 2 years warranty
  2. Skillful guiding on operating, maintaining and marketing
  3. Lowest cost to get a high-quality IPL device.
  4. High profit from the multiple IPL service.
  5. Variable finance and payment methods
  6. 1 million shots UK import Xenon lamp.
  7. Safe and fast delivery express, DHL, TNT, UPS, and FedEx.
  8. 24 hours of post-sales service finding us easily.

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