Diode Laser hair removal Machine VA-507

808nm/810nm diode laser hair removal machine is the golden standard for hair removal. Light at the wavelength  810nm is absorbed by melanin in folicle and greatly reduce the absorption by water and hemoglobin. Treatment is safe and painless for epidermis. The pain during treatment is much reduced.



  • 1-10Hz flash frequency fast treatment

  • Virtually painless and safe hair removal treatment

  • Sapphire Crystal  Cooling Handpiece

  • ABS Injection plastic material shell

  • 808nm diode laser machine VA-507 use ICE SHR technology

  • 5 different machine colors optional

  • 808nm diode laser wavelength is the golden standard for hair removal

  • Diode laser handpiece equiped with extra cooling head to improve cooling intensity

  • 2 years warranty for the machine and main spare parts, 1 year warranty for handpiece

Diode Laser machine VA-507

Golden Standard 810nm Diode Laser hair removal

808/810nm diode laser hair removal  machine is the golden standard for hair removal. Light at the wavelength of 810nm is absorbed by melanin in follicle and greatly reduce the absorption by water and hemoglobin. Treatment is safe and painless for epidermis. Patients will feel painless during hair removal treatment.

diode laser hair removal machine philippines

ICE SHR Diode laser hair removal Technology

ICE SHR Diode laser technology is based on traditional laser technology, which adds the cooling head on the handpiece to strengthen the cooling intensity. Patients feel less pain as the cooling head much reduce the temperature of the treatment area.

755/808/1064nm 3 wavelength diode lasers technology

Multi-wavelength (755nm, 808nm, 1064nm)  is becoming the new trend technology for diode laser. In VIVALaser, clients could customize 755nm/808nm/1064nm 3 wavelength now. We apply 10 pcs laser bars for 3 wavelength diode laser machine, 3 pcs for 755nm, 3 pcs for 810nm and 4 pcs for 1064nm.


OEM/ODM Design avaliable

There are 4 different color optional for clients. OEM and ODM service are available if you have demands on changing machine design and program.

User friendly interface, easy for operation

After doctors choose the skin type, hair area and thickness before treatment, Proposed parameter will upload.  Doctors should adjust based on the proposed parameters and patients’ feeling during treatment as different patients has different reaction.

AI + WARNING Self-protection system

There are 10 sophisticated warning systems to guard your machine the whole time. Any of machine trouble will be diagnosed in 2 seconds responding time  to secure your system.

Well organised modular design inner structure

The water circulation parts and electricity components are separated and will not interaction each other. VA-507 using metal frame structure to protect the main parts(power supply, water tank, control board and etc.).


Air + Water + TEC + Sapphire Cooling System

  • 6L big water tank (8L for vertical)
  • 4*24V big fans from Japan
  • 2 thickest (50mm) radiators
  • Latest DC brushless water pump from Italy
  • TEC cooling tips
  • Sapphire crystal


1. Permanent Hair Removal for Skin type I-VI

2. Skin Rejuvnation

3. Effective for whole body Hair Removal


Wavelength808nm(755/808/1064nm optional)
Energy Density1-166J/cm2
Laser TypeImported Diode Arrays
Spot Size15*15mm2
Repetition Rate1-10Hz
Pulse Width10-400ms
Laser bar output powerak Power800W
coolingTEC + Sapphire cooling(0°C-5°C)
Stand-by WorkingContinuously for 18 hours
Display8.4″ True Color LCD Touch Screen
Electrical Requirements100-240V+10%, 50/60Hz
rated power2000W
Dimensions (WxDxH)61*50*48 cm³


Before & After

What is the difference between diode laser and IPL SHR hair removal?

IPL needs 6-10 times for hair removal while diode laser only needs 3-4 times. 808nm diode laser wavelength is the golden standard for hair removal. Compared to IPL hair removal, patients feel less pain and more comfortable.

How many times should I take for clearly hair removal tratment?

The interval between every treatment is 3 or 4 weeks. 3 to 4 times are needed for permanent hair removal by our diode laser machine.

When can I see the results?

You will see immediately results after treatment.  The smell of burned hair and a little red around the removed hair is the clinical endpoint.

Can I have the treatment while I am taking medicine?

The only forbidden medications are Accutane and Retin-A, which must be stopped before hair removal treatment.

Does laser hair removal tratment painful?

Based on SHR diode laser technology, ICE SHR added the cooling head in the handpiece, cooling has been much strengthen. ICE SHR diode laser hair removal is pain-free and safe.

How could I get VA-507 if I have interest?

Clients could directly send inquiry to email [email protected], VIVALaser is the beauty machine manufacturer with more than 10 years experience.